Open day for customers

On 13 February 2023, we opened the doors for our Benelux customers. With about 100 satisfied visitors, it was a very successful day!

After the reception in our showroom, customers had the opportunity to join the guided tours in our new building. Of course, not everyone has contact with customers, or contact is limited to e-mail or telephone. The meetings between visitors and colleagues are therefore a valuable contribution to mutual cooperation.

For one day, the hall was transformed into a demo zone with products on display and various activities that are known from our participations at fairs and other events. A sawing competition with Silky to saw off the correct weight of a branch, two cutting tables to test various Okatsune shears, a ball throwing game in the hoppers of our wood chippers and a challenging course with obstacles to test the GTM Professional 'Wheel Driven' machines. All items provided a lot of interaction and above all fun!

After the activities and various drinks, a speech followed to express our gratitude to our relations for all their efforts in recent years. A delicious lunch was then served and finally, customers had the option of attending a demonstration outside or testing the latest machines themselves. Thanks to our team for making this day a festive gathering!

First battery chipper for professionals

GTM Professional proudly presents the 1800 E-chipper, the first battery-powered chipper for branch diameters up to 12 cm. The brand new machine is equipped with a strong Li-Ferro battery that powers both the chipping system and the self-propelled undercarriage.

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New: Elephants Trunk 3

GTM Professional launches the completely renewed Elephants Trunk 3, an ergonomic harness that helps gardeners to ease working with a heavy hedge trimmer or handheld leaf blower. The pulley on the lower back has a pulling force of 3 kg, which transfers the weight of the tool from your arms to your hips.

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