Our wood chippers

By producing our own wood chippers, we want to make people aware of the value of green waste. Wood chips are perfect to use as mulch or soil improver. In contrast to the disposal of pruning waste, chipping also saves valuable space and time.

For branch diameters of 5 to 12 cm, GTM Professional offers various wood chippers, each equipped with an efficient rotor chipping system. As a result, branches are automatically pulled inside and easily processed into beautiful, usable wood chips.

Enjoy your work!

We believe it is important that everyone works with pleasure. That is why you, as a landscaper, arborist or gardener, must be able to blindly rely on your tools.

In our R&D center, all machines are extensively tested for safety and ease of use. In addition to the assessment of our product specialists, we consider the user experience just as important.

You can always contact our dealer network for expert advice and maintenance. With GTM Professional, you can count on excellent service. In addition, all parts are available separately, which guarantees a long life.

Garden machinery and more

From mowing to pruning, GTM Professional has various machines for the complete maintenance of gardens and public areas. Besides an extensive line of wood chippers, we also offer log splitters, lawn mowers, scarifiers, etc.

An innovative addition to this is the Elephants Trunk. This ergonomic harness has been developed by us to take the weight of a hedge trimmer off your hands. A smooth balancer system transfers up to 3 kg of the tool to the comfortable harness. In this way, it is possible to trim hedges for a long time, without pain in your back or shoulder.

The GTM Professional offer

Interested in our wood chippers or other products? Please feel free to contact us for more information or request a demo. Likewise, you can easily order through one of our web shops. As a dealer, you go to www.gtmprofessional.com. For more information about our wood chippers, visit www.gtmchippers.com. Also follow us on social media!