Number 1 in Japan

For centuries, the Japanese have proven themselves as the best steel experts in the world. Master blacksmith Tsuneichi Okano started his career in 1925 and set up the company Okatsune in the ‘40s, derived after his own name. He made a small range of top-quality shears.

The knowledge of forging was passed on from father to son and the production processes were further being developed, always with a continuous pursuit of perfection. Today, Okatsune is continued by the third generation Okano and the range has been expanded with various pruning shears, hedge trimmers, pruning shears and specific bonsai and Ikebana shears.

The power of simplicity

A simple design with practical elements shows the pure essence of the shears. With just a few parts, the shears are lightweight and easy to maintain. The handles are traditionally designed in red and white. This color combination symbolizes "good luck" in Japan and is also easy to spot in the garden.

The hedge shears’ oak handles provide a great feeling of unity and control over the shears. When it comes to precision, such as with topiary, nothing beats the Okatsune hedge shears; perfectly balanced and with its typical sound, a true pleasure to work with.

Unique quality

Okatsune shears are uniquely forged from the finest Izumo Yasugi steel, which is traditionally being used for the Samurai's traditional Katana swords. This steel is characterized by the high carbon content so that an unparalleled hardness of 60-61 on the Rockwell scale is achieved and the shears retain their sharpness for a long time.

With certain tempering processes, the core remains flexible so that the blades always align together perfectly. The razor-sharp blades are sharpened at two different angles. In this way, you always make a clean and precise cut in the wood, without applying much force.

Exclusive in Europe

De Wild is the exclusive European importer of Okatsune. Through our dealer network, these unique shears are distributed all over Europe. Are you looking for a dealer in your region, do you want to become a dealer or do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also easily order through one of our web shops. As a dealer you go to For more information about Okatsune shears, go to