Japanese craftsmanship

Silky has over 100 years of experience in making handsaws. This age-old profession has evolved over the years from hammers and ovens to the most modern laser techniques, while the passion and dedication for the craft remains.

The unparalleled knowledge of metallurgy ensures a unique quality that you will find in every Silky saw. The blades of "Authentic Premium Japanese Steel" are hard and wear resistant due to the high carbon content, and at the same time flexible due to the softer core.

Innovation and technology

The non-set saw teeth are cut by laser with high precision. Each tooth has four different cutting edges, which together ensure a clean cut and optimal sawdust discharge. By induction hardening the tips, the teeth remain sharp for an extra-long time. A nickel coating protects the blade against rust.

Of course, it does not end with making saw blades. A comfortable handle or useful scabbard makes the saw complete. For example, Silky developed an innovative roller system that protects the cover from the sharp teeth, as well as a GOM rubber handle that absorbs vibrations and always feels warm.

The world's best handsaw

Silky saws are known as the best handsaws in the world. It is not without reason that every professional arborist has a Zübat, Tsurugi or fixed saw from Silky attached to their harness. Besides, many gardeners, bushcrafters, woodworkers and anyone who knows the importance of good tools, rely on the Silky saw.

The pull saws have great cutting performance. The biconcave blade provides little resistance, so you can saw at high speed, while it requires little energy from your body. Silky has more than 120 different models; telescopic pole saws, fixed saws, folding saws and axes. Always with a wide choice in blade type, length and teeth configuration.

Exclusive in Europe

De Wild is the exclusive European importer of Silky. Through our dealer network, these unique saws are distributed all over Europe. Are you looking for a dealer in your region, do you want to become a dealer or do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also easily order through one of our web shops. As a dealer you go to www.gtmprofessional.com. For more information about Silky saws, go to www.silky-europe.com.