Outdoor cooking

Today we experienced a fun and educational team-building activity. The specialists from Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival were at De Wild for an outdoor cooking workshop. We made fire with our own products, prepared a meal, and eventually all sat down to eat. Back to basics, working and having a good time together in the fresh air.

After a welcome drink, we immediately rolled up our sleeves. The rain did not discourage us so we set up several tents for the outdoor activities. We made a fire by splitting wood with our GTM Professional wood splitter. The logs were then split even finer with the Silky axe. And after some instructions, we were able to make a fire in different ways, with flint and tinder material for example.

Colleagues were also busy with pots and pans to put a delicious meal on the table. Two fresh salmon were carefully filleted and stretched over the fire. The vegetables were chopped and stir-fried. Together with the coconut rice and various garnishes, this was a delicious combination. Finally, an apple cake was prepared in the Dutch Oven. A dessert that will be talked about for a long time!... Watch our aftermovie on LinkedIn.

We thank Siegurd and Linda for the fantastic organization, all colleagues enjoyed it immensely!

New tracked dumper

This spring, GTM Professional is launching a unique dumper with a hydraulic tipping system. The new GTRD500 is interchangeable with our track-driven wood chippers. This makes it possible to convert a 1300R or 1800R into a dumper and vice versa. The GTRD500 has a loading capacity of 500 kg and is available with a Loncin or Honda engine.

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The ultimate pruning saw

Silky introduces the Zübat Ultimate, a revolutionary saw that will elevate the Zübat series to new heights. This Japanese pull saw has the familiar design of the popular Zübat, supplemented with Silky's latest technologies and a unique look.

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