The ultimate pruning saw

Silky introduces the Zübat Ultimate, a revolutionary saw that will elevate the Zübat series to new heights. This Japanese pull saw has the familiar design of the popular Zübat, supplemented with Silky's latest technologies and a unique look.

With a progressive pitch from 7.5 to 6.5 teeth per 30 mm, the first cut is easily made, after which you can rip through the wood at high speed. The Zübat Ultimate is also the first saw with Silky's new Gokai-Me teeth. The blade has 4 scraper-shaped teeth that ensure optimum discharge of saw dust. Together with the other non-set teeth, the Zübat Ultimate has an excellent performance on both rip-cuts, cross-cuts and slant-cuts. A true all-rounder!

The full tang blade has a nickel coating which provides a wear-resistant surface and protects against rust. The curved blade works perfectly when cutting above shoulder height and keeps the saw in the cut. The Zübat Ultimate has a moulded rubber handle that fits comfortably in the hand and significantly reduces vibrations.


Fun fact: the selection of the olive color for the scabbard of the Zübat Ultimate was made through a poll organized on Instagram, with input from all our Silky Europe fans!


The saw comes in a rotatable, olive green scabbard with a detachable belt holder and is equipped with 3 small rollers so that the sharp teeth do not damage the cover when taking the saw in and out. The scabbard has an opening at the bottom, allowing moisture and sawdust to fall out of the scabbard.

The Zübat Ultimate blade can also be mounted on the Zübat pole saws series, which means you can use this saw both as a pole saw and as a hand saw.

The new Zübat Ultimate is now available through our Silky dealer network!

Product training

Over the past year we have welcomed many dealers and international distributors for (technical) training at our location. During such a training day, customers learn all the ins and outs about our wood chippers or our Japanese hand pruning tools. We believe it is important that everyone who represents our brands knows how to use and maintain these products safely and correctly. This way, every garden enthusiast can enjoy his or her tools for the longest time!

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First battery chipper for professionals

GTM Professional proudly presents the 1800 E-chipper, the first battery-powered chipper for branch diameters up to 12 cm. The brand new machine is equipped with a strong Li-Ferro battery that powers both the chipping system and the self-propelled undercarriage.

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