New: Elephants Trunk 3

GTM Professional launches the completely renewed Elephants Trunk 3, an ergonomic harness that helps gardeners to ease working with a heavy hedge trimmer or handheld leaf blower. The pulley on the lower back has a pulling force of 3 kg, which transfers the weight of the tool from your arms to your hips. In this way, muscles that you need most during pruning or leaf blowing are considerably relieved and sore arms or shoulders are a thing of the past. The new Elephants Trunk 3 is now available through the GTM Professional dealer network.

Compared to previous models, the Elephants Trunk 3 has a full new design. GTM Professional has done everything to make the most of functionality and comfort. For example, the new harness can be adjusted extensively. With the adjustable shoulder and hip straps and extra extensions, an optimal fit is possible for every body type. Also the shoulder pad is separately adjustable and offers extra support in the back. The open back parts and new cushions together provide optimal ventilation while working on hot summer days.

Also new and very handy is the fact that the tube of the Elephants Trunk 3 is collapsible for compact storage and transport. The tube can also be adjusted to a higher position, for example to trim the top of the hedge. The steel cable moves smoothly in any direction via the guide rollers, even when working above shoulder height. And because the aluminum tube is rotatable, it does not get stuck in the hedge. Everything has been thought of to make the job easier, faster and lighter!


“With the help of the new Elephants Trunk, garden professionals now benefit from more efficiency and less pain when trimming hedges.”


Especially when dealing with pain in your back, shoulders, neck or arms, working with a heavy hedge trimmer can be very tiring. In addition to physical nuisance, work speed and concentration often deteriorate, which can cause dangerous situations. With the help of the new Elephants Trunk, garden professionals now benefit from greater efficiency and less pain when trimming hedges. The ergonomic harness is also suitable for telescopic hedge trimmers and handheld leaf blowers between 4.5 and 8 kg. By reducing the weight of motorized tools, they are also held less forcefully, so that fewer vibrations are transmitted to the hands. By using the Elephants Trunk 3 you can therefore work safely and comfortably to keep up the work for longer.

Just like the wood chippers from GTM Professional, the Elephants Trunk is also produced in our own factory. De Wild is proud of this new development and invites all gardeners to try the Elephants Trunk 3 and experience for themselves how this ergonomic harness can improve their work! Visit for more information.

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