New wood chipper on tracks

We are proud to present the new 1800R, a track-driven machine for heavy-duty work. Equipped with double Honda engines, the 1800R handles rough and muddy terrain to get into the most challenging places. Add the high capacity, compact construction and turnable output to that, and the recipe for the ultimate wood chipper for professional arborists and gardeners is complete.

The 1800R features an efficient rotor chipping system, powered by a 21 hp Honda GX630 V-twin engine. Branches up to Ø12 cm are automatically pulled inside and effortlessly processed into fine wood chips to give back to nature.

With a width of only 72 cm, the machine fits through narrow passages with ease. Loading and unloading in a bus or trailer is no longer an effort, thanks to this driving system. The self-propelled 1800R will be available from May 2022 through GTM Professional's extensive dealer network. For more information, visit

New tracked dumper

This spring, GTM Professional is launching a unique dumper with a hydraulic tipping system. The new GTRD500 is interchangeable with our track-driven wood chippers. This makes it possible to convert a 1300R or 1800R into a dumper and vice versa. The GTRD500 has a loading capacity of 500 kg and is available with a Loncin or Honda engine.

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Outdoor cooking

Vandaag hebben we een gezellige én leerzame teambuilding beleefd. De outdoor specialisten van Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival waren bij De Wild op locatie voor een workshop buiten koken. Zo konden we met onze eigen producten vuur maken, gezamenlijk een maaltijd bereiden en uiteindelijk met z’n allen aan tafel. Even terug naar de basis, in de frisse buitenlucht samenwerken én samen genieten.

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