Buitenleven prize-giving GTS900C

Together with Buitenleven we hosted a very special giveaway earlier this year. Following the compost theme, the participants had a chance to win a GTS900C compo wood chipper worth €2950. An opportunity that you don't want to miss! With more than 1500 entries, the campaign was a great success. Nevertheless, there can only be one winner...

And that winner is Wim, a garden volunteer at Hospice Demeter, who was tipped off by his wife about the GTM Professional competition in Buitenleven. The GTS900C would be a great addition to the large garden of the hospice and make the maintenance of the compost pile a lot easier, according to Wim. No one could have imagined a better destination for this machine.

Together with Buitenleven and local GTM dealer Van Ginkel, we went to De Bilt to hand over the prize in person. The employees, volunteers and residents of the hospice were pleasantly surprised and grateful. We wish everyone a good time in the beautiful garden and happy chipping with the GTS900C.



First battery chipper for professionals

GTM Professional proudly presents the 1800 E-chipper, the first battery-powered chipper for branch diameters up to 12 cm. The brand new machine is equipped with a strong Li-Ferro battery that powers both the chipping system and the self-propelled undercarriage.

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New: Elephants Trunk 3

GTM Professional launches the completely renewed Elephants Trunk 3, an ergonomic harness that helps gardeners to ease working with a heavy hedge trimmer or handheld leaf blower. The pulley on the lower back has a pulling force of 3 kg, which transfers the weight of the tool from your arms to your hips.

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