New tracked dumper

This spring, GTM Professional is launching a unique dumper with a hydraulic tipping system. The new GTRD500 is interchangeable with our track-driven wood chippers. This makes it possible to convert a 1300R or 1800R into a dumper and vice versa. The GTRD500 has a loading capacity of 500 kg and is available with a Loncin or Honda engine. The complete dumper is available through GTM Professional's extensive dealer network.

The multi-purpose GTRD500 has been developed for arborists and gardeners to move wood chips, tree trunks, paving or other heavy materials in the workplace. The tracked chassis is the same as the 1300R and 1800R wood chippers from GTM Professional. This means this self-propelled machine moves at a maximum speed of 4.5 km/h, with 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The 18 cm wide tracks are ideal for swampy or rough terrain.

Do you already own a GTM chipper on caterpillar tracks and do you want to convert it into a dumper? This is possible with a special transformation set. This set consists of a tipping container and hydro kit. After installing the hydro kit, switching between the wood chipper and dumper on the chassis is very easy. With just one key and a hoist, you can convert the machine within 15 minutes.

The wood chipper parts are also available separately from GTM Professional. So if you are interested in this dumper, but you could also use a wood chipper in the future, that is possible. Unlike purchasing a separate dumper and wood chipper, this interchangeable system saves you on your budget, storage space and machine maintenance. Visit for more information.

Outdoor cooking

Vandaag hebben we een gezellige én leerzame teambuilding beleefd. De outdoor specialisten van Siegurd Bushcraft & Survival waren bij De Wild op locatie voor een workshop buiten koken. Zo konden we met onze eigen producten vuur maken, gezamenlijk een maaltijd bereiden en uiteindelijk met z’n allen aan tafel. Even terug naar de basis, in de frisse buitenlucht samenwerken én samen genieten.

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The ultimate pruning saw

Silky introduces the Zübat Ultimate, a revolutionary saw that will elevate the Zübat series to new heights. This Japanese pull saw has the familiar design of the popular Zübat, supplemented with Silky's latest technologies and a unique look.

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