First battery chipper for professionals

GTM Professional proudly presents the 1800 E-chipper, the first battery-powered chipper for branch diameters up to 12 cm. The brand new machine is equipped with a strong Li-Ferro battery that powers both the chipping system and the self-propelled undercarriage. From now on, professionals can benefit from power, freedom and a cleaner working environment. The 1800 E-chipper is available through the extensive dealer network of GTM Professional within the Benelux.

The 1800 series is the top line of compact wood chippers for arborists, gardeners and landscaping services. The GTM Professional team has succeeded in transforming the current self-propelled 1800 into a 100% electric machine. A revolutionary development that gives the recycling of green waste a completely new perspective. The new 1800 E-chipper is assembled in The Netherlands and consists of European electrical components. This powerful machine has a rotor shredding system with reverse function that works most efficiently and quickly. The PRO blades from GTM Professional have a long service life and provide fine even wood chips that are perfect for use as a ground cover.


“Ready for a sustainable future full of innovation!”


The 1800 E-chipper proves that a high capacity and a long working time go well together. With a full battery you can work for up to 2 hours (at 20°C). To extend the working time it is possible to recharge the battery during work via a cable to the power network. No power steam is required for this. There is a battery indicator on the motor cover so that there is a good view of the remaining battery life. When the battery is empty, the machine can still be driven for another 1600 meters, more than enough to drive back to the work van! The battery is fully charged again within 3.5 hours. GTM Professional has deliberately opted for an industrial Li-Ferro battery, which is more shock resistant and less sensitive to fire than a Li-ion battery in case of damage. The higher investment in the Li-Ferro battery ultimately pays for itself in a longer lifespan.

To meet all the needs of a professional, the machine is standard equipped with a turnable output, hour counter set and various safety features. In addition to ease of use, safety is high on the list of priorities. That is why all GTM Professional wood chippers are inspected by an independent institute. The new 1800 E-chipper has also been extensively tested in the field by professional arborists. Because we believe that this is the only way to put a reliable machine on the market.

The self-propelled chassis is the same as the 'Wheel Driven' machines from GTM Professional. This means that the speed is infinitely adjustable up to 6 km/h. In addition, the machine is very manoeuvrable and stable thanks to an optimal weight distribution. The compact dimensions and two swivel wheels on a pendulum axle make the 1800 E-chipper easy to move, even in the van or trailer and through narrow garden gates. Visit for more information.

New: Elephants Trunk 3

GTM Professional launches the completely renewed Elephants Trunk 3, an ergonomic harness that helps gardeners to ease working with a heavy hedge trimmer or handheld leaf blower. The pulley on the lower back has a pulling force of 3 kg, which transfers the weight of the tool from your arms to your hips.

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Open day for customers

On 13 February 2023, we opened the doors for our Benelux customers. With about 100 satisfied visitors, it was a very successful day! After the reception in our showroom, customers had the opportunity to join the guided tours in our new building.

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