GTM Professional in GreenPro

Waste does not exist. A statement that is often quoted in the pursuit of a sustainable and circular society, but nowhere is it more important than in landscaping. With a wide range of wood chippers and a new, wheel-driven model, De Wild B.V. enables green professionals to get the best out of their green waste.

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New: Elephants Trunk 3

GTM Professional presents the completely renewed Elephants Trunk 3, an ergonomic harness that helps gardeners to ease working with a heavy hedge trimmer or handheld leaf blower. The pulley on the lower back has a pulling force of 3 kg, which transfers the weight of the tool from your arms to your hips.

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Open day for customers

On 13 February 2023, we opened the doors for our Benelux customers. With about 100 satisfied visitors, it was a very successful day! After the reception in our showroom, customers had the opportunity to join the guided tours in our new building.

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