New compo machines

The GTS1300 and GTS900 wood chippers from GTM Professional are now also available as compo machines. In addition to shredding branches, the new GTS1300C and GTS900C have an additional low output to shred large volumes of soft material, such as hedge trimmings, ornamental grasses or leaves. Just as reliable, even more possibilities! Go to for more information.

The ultimate pruning saw

Silky introduces the Zübat Ultimate, a revolutionary saw that will elevate the Zübat series to new heights. This Japanese pull saw has the familiar design of the popular Zübat, supplemented with Silky's latest technologies and a unique look.

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Product training

Over the past year we have welcomed many dealers and international distributors for (technical) training at our location. During such a training day, customers learn all the ins and outs about our wood chippers or our Japanese hand pruning tools. We believe it is important that everyone who represents our brands knows how to use and maintain these products safely and correctly. This way, every garden enthusiast can enjoy his or her tools for the longest time!

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